Persuasive Essay On Advertising

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Hero made out to be Herbal The saying ‘’controversy sells’’ has been proven right over the years. Controversy creates media attention which is what big companies want in order to sell their products. But what if this controversy is at the expense of a group of people? That usually flips the positivity for the company and creates a negative image. This commercial advertises the Black Herbal Toothpaste, as the product is called. It is Herbal Toothpaste, but except for it being white like your regular toothpaste it is now black. The commercial stems from Thailand where the commercial was made during the 1980’s. The general theme of the commercial is ‘’appearance can be deceiving’’. It is important to keep this theme in the back of your mind. During the 1980’s there were a lot of changes going on in Thailand, especially social changes. The commercial is about a little Thai girl who accidentally let go of her balloon and it got stuck on a lightpole. When a black man walks by and asks why she is crying she points to the balloon and he climbs the pole to get it for her. Once he gets back down and tries to hand her the balloon the little girl’s mother pulls her away abrubtly out of fear of the black man. The purpose of this technique of advertising is to shock the audience and thus create awareness and attention for this product. Firstly, racism has always been a very controversial tool. Sometimes combined with humour it can be a quite succesful advertising technique without
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