Pros And Cons Of Affirmative Action

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Affirmative Action is a policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination, especially in relation to employment or education. “I’m not one that believes that affirmative action should be based on one’s skin color or one’s gender, I think it should be done based one’s need, because I think if you are from a poor white community, I think that a poor white kid needs a scholarship just as badly as a poor black kid”(Watts). If you are going to give a destitute, colored kid a scholarship, why can you not give one to someone who is not colored and is also poor. If people are going to use this action, make it civil for all, not just others based on their race and or gender. This is why Affirmative Action is denied on multiple times and is…show more content…
This involves more people into affirmative action and is just making humans jump into conclusions. This is why it is a no good action. “...It presupposes that all people of the same skin color are from the lower class, and therefore need help.. This reinforces stereotypes and even embeds them permanently into the system”( Stereotyping is an immense cheat in my point of view. It makes people be more biased and get enraged over the slightest things, based on Affirmative Action. It is relevant to know this because humans have the tendency to label society and Affirmative Action gives them another reason to do so. “Any time a program is made it allows someone to have a position. That's when a minority of stereotypes is made. Even if humans are qualified, affirmative action bring the idea that people have more attention brought to them due to their color, or their gender. For anything to succeed, you need an equality viewpoint”(Richard). When people try and take advantage of being colored and try to make it to where they are making themselves look like they are the “top” people because they get to have opportunities that non-colored people do not have, is not being parallel and is very unfair. When society starts seeing others do something out of the ordinary or unusual, they are going to take action and most of the time it is not going to be good. Furthermore, it is important to look at this in an equal manner because
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