Affordable Housing Research Paper

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Affordable housing is also important. There could be a thousand houses for every person who needs one, but if they are priced so high no one can afford them, it immediately becomes self-defeating. So, as your dedicated Dictator, I'm going to do something that is going to make some people scream. (Cover your ears everyone, it's going to be very loud around here for a bit) I'm going to regulate rent prices.
Currently, there is nowhere in our nation that someone working full-time minimum wage can afford housing. I have, as your loving Dictator, increased minimum wage, but that still puts much of the housing out of reach for people. Something as basic as housing should be affordable and within reach for anyone. The rising cost of housing has far outpaced the rise of income, resulting in either abandoning people to the streets or so in debt just trying to keep a roof over their head they slip a bit more behind each month, so I plan on changing that.
Government housing is one solution. It's not the best, but it may be one of the fastest to meet the needs of those on the lower income scale. And, I'm not talking about the slums we now have with their bottom of the barrel, rat warren gloom. Living in a place that projects hopelessness does not help our cause, and does not help those that
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Slumlords will no longer be allowed to flourish in our country. All housing will be expected to maintain a safe and secure environment for their tenants, and if an owner will not bring their properties up to the new standards, their properties will be forfeited to the government to become part of our government housing initiative or torn down if it deemed a loss. Any property that is deemed a loss, appropriate housing for that area will be built to replace the structure that was torn down. Nor will slumlords be rewarded for their greed, if a property is forfeited they cannot claim it as a loss and hope to recoup their
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