Persuasive Essay On Airport Security

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Ever so often airports become a target of attack and crime. In response, there have been changes to airport security through the years, including increased security measures and new security agencies such as the federal agency Transportation Security Administration (TSA). With more attacks occurring more enhanced security is being made. Though many argue that these measures are meant to keep the travelers safe and the country as a whole safe, others might argue that the passengers are being violated and their privacy is being invaded. As a result of the many airport terrorist attacks, there’s been an increase in intensity of the security measures making it inconvenient and invasive for travelers. Through the years it’s been widely known that airport security can be of inconvenience. The Transportation Security Administration was put into effect after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and has added mandatory procedures such as removing shoes and restricting carry-on items. “On March 2 [2017], the TSA quietly introduced a new pat-down procedure that consolidates the agency’s five protocol for passenger searches into one standardized method” (Elliott). These new procedures could make travelers uncomfortable as well as feel like their privacy has been invaded. In the case of make-up artist Melissa Hibbert-Brumfield who flew from Los Angeles International Airport to Atlanta, the pat-down was far more invasive than Hibbert-Brumfield expected. (Elliott) Passengers have

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