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All Year Round Schooling

Some people would not mind having an all year round school, but why? When people think of year-round education they immediately relate it to no summer vacations. But having an all year-round education has a couple good things to offer. Back in the day when schools had just began, summers were necessary because children needed to help their families by working on their families farms, but nowadays it isn't like that. One you would not have such a long break from school to forget everything you learned from the school year before. Second thing is you get lots of breaks throughout the school year. But there is some things down things to all year round school, like having school during summer time.

Isn’t it
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One con is summer vacations and activities will be interrupted. So when families have long vacation during summer you would be missing school. Also teachers will not have a large block of time to prepare for the new school year. A bad thing too is if families have multiple children and put them in different schooling there schedules will be very different and may involve in complications. A problem that may come from that is parents might transfer their kids out of the district. One more thing that is would be a problem is if the district does not already have air-conditioning they would have to install one and that would cost a…show more content…
The number of all year-round schools in the United States is 3,181. Yes it seems that the cons are over weighing the pros but it wouldn’t be all that bad for more schools in America to change their schedule to all year-round education. It would be better on the teachers, students, and parents in many ways. The Average dropout rate for year-round schools is only 2%. For non year-round schools the dropout rate is 5%, which is more than all year-round schools. More breaks to sleep and get work done? Who wouldn’t love that? Would you consider all year-round
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