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Alligator hunting is something that i believe is a good thing to do because the population of alligators has spiked back up from when the government put them on the endangered list in 1967. Alligators were hunted for their skin, bones, meat, and their skulls to be used as trophies. I believe that this is ok as long as its in the time of hunting season. But some people don't follow the rules and they are called poachers. Which means the illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game without the landowner's permission Which is illegal to do and you can go to jail for 1 to 5 years and a $10,000 fine and a conviction of a felony. Also people who hunt alligators have to use weapons to kill the alligator so it doesn't kill them. I know that from what i read that from the “1950s to when alligator hunting was legal in 1988, the year after alligators were removed from the endangered list.” Alligators have repopulated since up to a population of 2 million.…show more content…
augustine which is a zoological park located in st. augustine,FL. They take in alligators that were being a nuisance somewhere in florida that is occupied by residents of a neighborhood.But not all alligators are a nuisance its only when its close to the swamp of say louisiana and florida.

Alligator hunting is different from other species of animal you are able to hunt because just like if you were hunting a lion, panther, or a bear if you miss your in trouble. Same goes for hunting alligators you miss you could get bit. Also by what it says on TPWD Texas is “the open season for alligators is September 10 - 30.”

To conclude Alligator hunting is a good idea if you stay in the legal boundaries of it. Also if you commit poaching which is again a federal crime and likewise a pretty good amount of time in jail after your third offense so i would say its better to stay in the limits of the season of hunting and not poach the

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