Importance Of Alternative Energy Essay

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Our planet is in need of some help these days. As many of us have noticed, weather patterns are changing, the arctic is melting, and sea levels are rising. These are all signs that point to global warming and climate change. What can we do to help our mother Earth? First, we need to find a cause for these changes. Then we can find ways to fix the problems on our planet. That’s how problems get solved, right? Well, in theory, that’s how problems get solved. Scientists and researchers have found the cause of these issues and have been working on solutions to these problems for years. The cause, rising carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases being produced by fossil fuels. The solutions to the Earths problems and, in turn, our own, is alternative energy.…show more content…
There is a resistance to utilizing these alternative energies that need to be resolved. To some, the fight for alternative energy may seem unnecessary, but the switch to alternative energy is essential to the survival of our planet and way of life. Our energy needs come from mainly fossil fuels with alternative energy only being a small percentage of the total energy consumption. These fossil fuels create and give off carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses. These gasses get trapped in our atmosphere and heat our planet. This increase in temperature has created the polar ice caps to melt endangering countless species, sea levels to rise causing flooding, as well as changes in weather patterns causing disruptions in farming. This is a big problem and we all need to get on board. Switching our energy sources to alternative energy is needed to keep our planet while creating a healthier and safer world for

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