Persuasive Essay On Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer 's is a brain disorder that affects more than 5.3 million people in the United States. The elderly are mainly affected by loss of memory. Scientists have not yet found a cure for this disease which is destroying minds. The government has been helping with a plan giving $600 million a year. Their goal is to prevent or treat the disease by 2025. In coming decades, Scientists predict the number of people will rise to 13.8 million. The aging population is increasing because of low birth rates and increased life expectancy. As America 's population ages, there will be other health issues emerging. The most common health concerns for seniors are diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. All of these conditions are the leading cause of death.…show more content…
People 65 or older need extra care some family members are very cruel and don 't give proper care for their loved ones. Some families will put them in a nursing home and never care for them again. Although, this will create a bigger market linked to the elderly.  Alzheimer 's disease has no known cause but has many numerous factors that play a role. Researchers do know that the abnormal buildup of two proteins trigger the immune system to attack the brain itself. There are only 5 approved Alzheimer 's drug which has calmly improved memory loss. Neurologists believe fighting Alzheimer 's is similar to fighting cancer. The treatment costs for Alzheimer 's treatment hits $1.1 trillion. Other health issues may hit less but it 's still a major concern.  Many families don 't have the money for these health issues. Families will be affected on labor supply, total savings, and expenditure. As these health issues emerge it will consume much more of Medicare 's budget. The medicare program covers nearly 50 million elderly. The aging population will also have an impact on the economy. First, more people will be claiming pension benefits.  They will not be paying into social security and instead will be

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