Persuasive Essay On Alzheimer's

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Studies say that almost ninety percent of doctors would forgo medical resurrection or aggressive treatment if facing a terminal illness. This means that most doctors would rather die naturally at home than use heroic measures in the hospital. Yet they are still willingly using these heroic measures on their patients. Heroic measures should not be used on Alzheimer 's patients because Alzheimer’s is incurable, resuscitation could ruin their quality of life, and they could linger for years. Health care providers should not use heroic measures to prolong the lives of Alzheimer’s patients because the disease is incurable. Several medical interventions have benefited the patients very little and are prolonging their suffering. Although heroic measures could save people from death, the patients’ suffering with Alzheimer’s still continues. Heroic measures might help in the meantime, but cannot change the patient 's fate with this incurable disease. Alzheimer’s disease slowly drains the quality of life of the patient. As of today, there is no cure for Alzheimer 's, as the article “Alzheimer’s Disease and End-of-Life Issues” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says. However, families of Alzheimer’s patients will try to prolong their life which prolongs their suffering. Giving up is not…show more content…
After Alzheimer patients are resuscitated, they could linger for years. The article “Alzheimer’s and End-of-Life-Issues” by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, describes how patients could linger for up to ten years after they are diagnosed with Alzheimer 's. No one wants to know that when he is diagnosed that he may lose the ability to do daily things. Patients with late-stage-Alzheimer 's Disease are characterized by the inability to communicate, the inability to recognize family members, the inability to move without assistance, and the inability to swallow. Alzheimer 's patients should not be forced to linger by having heroic measures used on
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