Persuasive Essay On American Sports

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The United States of America prides itself on many things. While justice, freedom, or equality are all wonderful aspects of this great nation, its greatest pride is sports. Nationwide, millions of fans have allegiances to certain sports or teams, arguments erupt, and friendships are born all over simple games that Americans love. A debate among the myriad of United States sports fans has erupted; what is America’s sport? Another old school versus new school debate, the old fashioned fan will likely respond with baseball while a more modern fan may say football is America’s sport. Fans of baseball can and will defend their sport as America’s sport for various reasons. One of the more commonly used arguments used to defend baseball is pure…show more content…
In 2016, Major League Baseball experienced one of the more exciting and action packed World Series in the modern era. With tensions high, game 7 of the series resulted in a dramatic extra-innings game that would break the longest championship drought in American sports. All things fell into place for the best television ratings and it resulted in the most viewed baseball game in 25 years, as forty million viewers witnessed history. For football, Super Bowl 50 had its own historical value in it being the fiftieth anniversary of the contest. The game ranked as the third highest rated Super Bowl, yet still nearly tripled the viewership of the aforementioned game 7 with an astonishing one hundred and ten million people watching the Denver Broncos hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Examples go on, as the first game of the 2015 baseball season saw three million four hundred thousand viewers to football’s twenty seven million for its season opener. If baseball was truly America’s game, then it would be expected that there would be more viewership than football. In conclusion, the debate has been one argued for years between baseball and football fans. However, history is simply not enough to save baseball from the fact that everything about the sport of football is more appealing, and unsurprisingly attracts far more viewers than baseball, thus making it America’s
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