Argumentative Essay: America's Gun Crisis

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America’s Gun Crisis
“Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.” This quote said by Don Marquis sparks the idea of the nationwide debate that is currently being fought over today. Guns have been a part of American culture for years, and within those years, they have caused a number of mournful incidents. Although they might come in handy to use for self protection, they cause more deaths than they save lives. More than 110,000 people die a year from being shot from firearm, and those people who have died might have been alive today if it wasn’t for guns. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why guns should not be legal and should no longer be a part of American culture. There are still people out there who think guns should stay legal, regardless of the consequences. They ask themselves, “Why ban guns?” Well to begin, the states with more guns also have the most gun deaths, thus meaning that the essence of guns does play a role in how civilians die. Additionally, they make it easier for people to commit suicide, which is one of the top ten ways of how people die in America. Lastly, guns are not used as a self-defense weapon often, and as it was previously said, they actually cause more deaths than they save lives. It has been acknowledged that guns could save lives, and that is a good reason for why they should stay legal, however, they
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From guns, more deaths, crime, and suicides begin to grow. Compared to how much guns help with self defense and the amount of lives it saves, it is easy to say that they cause more deaths than the save lives. As the amount of gun ownership increases within each state, so does the deaths and mass shooting. Also, making guns illegal will prevent suicide from happening, and will save lives. ake no action and watch people die everyday from inappropriate gun use, or make a stand, and save lives. This cannot be stressed upon any

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