Persuasive Essay On Animal Abuse

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Introduction: Have you ever wanted a pet tiger, bear, elephant, or exotic animal alike? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Carson Barylak, a campaign officer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, estimates that there are over 10,000 big cats in private hands, and that is just a conservative estimate. The truth is, nobody knows exactly how many exotic animals are in private hands, which means few people are keeping tabs, thus leaving substantial space for abuse and mistreatment. Although rescue organizations, such as Big Cat Rescue and The Humane Society, are working to address the abuse of these animals, exotic mammals are still mistreated daily. Ethical Perspective: Exotic Pet Owner When it comes down to taking care of an exotic pet, many pet owners will realize this is not an easy task. According to Big Cat Rescue (BCR), one of the most accredited sanctuaries dedicated to housing abused and abandoned big cats, your first year of owning a small to midsize cat can run you about $22,000, with annual expenses being $2,300. If you wanted the full big cat experience, as many do, your first year can cost you $94,000 with an additional $8,000 annual cost. This is a pricey investment, that many owners of exotic pets are not aware of upon purchasing their animals. Since adequate care would be out of their price range, pet owners will often cut corners to cut the cost. Examples of the inadequate care provided to these animals include, but are not limited to: small

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