Ethical Use Of Persuasive Essay On Animals

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Slide 1: -I recently read a news article from 2012 about a 24-year-old girl who volunteered on getting tested for cosmetics, so that other individuals see what animals go throw during laboratory experimentations. This took place in a store window in the United Kingdom -When I first encountered this real-life situation, I not only thought about the testing of cosmetics and other chemicals on animals, but also about animal abuse in general. I tried to think about how and why some individuals treat them as if they were not living being. They might think that these poor animals do not have emotions, that they do not feel any pain and feel stressed out when they are treated in a harsh way. -To me, it is important that others not only notice…show more content…
-On the other hand, many people like activists and welfarists from animal rights organizations, believe killing an animal should be and for them is against the law, because it is still an animal with feelings that was also trying to defend itself. -Some religions, such as Buddhism also believe that animals are superior to men and should therefore not be damaged in any way. They say that no one has the right to take away a living beings life, because they too have the right to exist. -In conclusion, no human being shall feel superior to other living beings, but when it comes to helping other people or saving yourself when you’re in danger, the injuring or maybe killing of an animal is nothing. -This same process happens when a human being is hurting another human being. Slide 6: -So, to what extend can animal abuse be ethnically justified? -Animal abuse can only be justified to save or improve a person’s life or the human race. If there is no logical and specific goal behind what is being done, for example, creating a new medicine that will help cure cancer, the abuse of that certain animal is therefore not

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