Compare And Contrast Essay On Animal Shelter Vs Animal Shelters

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When I was growing up, my family and I would always go to our local animal shelter and adopt animals. Adopting animals and being able to give them a forever home was such a rewarding feeling. Just walking in and seeing how excited the animals got seeing us was exciting. Animal shelters are usually cheap when adopting animals. The adoption comes with lots of benefits for your new animal. With adoption, people are saving lots of unwanted, mistreated animals and giving them a forever home. The goal of animal shelters is to save the lives of the unwanted animal and to prevent suffering. Pet stores are extremely expensive, and they put their animals through breeding mills to get that full-blooded animal that everyone wants. Breeding mills are horrible…show more content…
Most people want to buy from pet stores because they want a full bred animal, but the truth is you get more for your money if you get a mixed breed from the animal shelter. Mixed bred animals are more likely to live longer and cost less in vet bills compared to full bred animals. Although animal shelters and pet stores have some differences, they also have some similarities. In both facilities, the animals could have been abused before ariving there. They could have been mistreated and underfed. Both shelter animals and pet store animals could have behavioral issues from their past experiences. Animal shelters have unwanted dogs that they have rescued from horrible situations and they are getting them ready to be re-homed. Pet stores have animals that have been mistreated while going through breeding mills. The animals from both places have had a rough life. Whether you’re adopting or buying an animal, they are going to love their owners, but the adopted animal might even love you more than the full-blooded

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