Persuasive Essay On Animal Advertising

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Animal cruelty is an issue across many parts of the world. There are many different organizations that help protect animals from cruel or unethical treatment. One organization in particular is an animal protection institute called “Voiceless.” This organization started an ad campaign on the cruelty of factory farming. The different advertisements used in their campaign involved several farm animals living in horrifying conditions. Voiceless’s campaign is a great example of an powerful advertisement because it meets the standards of a clear subject, good argument, strong appeal, and effective persuasion. A good advertisement should have a clear subject that can be easily understood. The subject of farm animal cruelty is clearly depicted throughout the images in the campaign. The advertisements feature three different images of farm animals: a cow, pig , and chicken. All three of the animals are lying behind a giant dinner fork appearing to be miserable, and extremely unhealthy. Their surroundings are ominous as they are all seen inside small cages with little to no sunlight or natural surroundings. At the top of each image is a barcode with the text that reads, “factory farming: the truth is hard to swallow.” These hints in the advertisements help you clearly understand the subject of factory farming. A good advertisement should also have a strong argument behind it. That being said, factory farming poses a great argument because there’s a lot of controversy over it.

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