Pros And Cons Of Animal Cloning

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There has been a lot of huge leaps in the history of mankind. We’ve had the discovery of electricity and how far has that come. We’ve had the invention of cars, which has played a big role in how we transport from location to location. There has been a lot of the huge events that have changed mankind and has been the highlight of most of our centuries, and this century is no different. There is an upcoming highlight that is going to play a big role in this century and that’s the subject of cloning. A question that has interested has been, is animal cloning the next big step in medical science? It is an important topic to talk about mainly because of the fact that has been one of the most talked about topics in this century and has consisted a lot of theories on how it can play a huge role in our history.…show more content…
Despite what others believe, animal cloning interests me mainly because of the fact that there are a lot of animal species that are either endangered or extinct, mainly because of us (Dell’Amore). Some of our greatest inventions have resulted with making sacrifices, and some of those sacrifices have been getting rid of specific areas that have certain species inhabiting it. Some animals are dying and no one cares because it has no effect on us, and it’s not fair for the animals because all they were doing was just trying to make a home. But it isn’t just that, some animals are endangered mainly because of the tests that we attempt on them, which mainly are failures or lost projects (Jabr). I believe that animal cloning will provide a huge leap in medical science because cloning animals can help us successfully accomplish tests on animals without bringing them out of their environment and prevent any species that may be close to
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