Persuasive Essay On Animal Control

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“My mission is to rescue. My dream is that one day, I won’t have to.” -Tia Torres
There are many more animals that are out there, in the world without a home. You could help with dogs and cats from getting abandoned. You will learn about why people abandon their beloved friends, is because they treat them bad, they have too many health problems, and that the owners don’t even want them in the first place.

Treated Badly Most of the animals that they have to get rid of them, or animal control takes them, is that they are being treated terribly. One example is about a dog named Unicorn. According to, “,” she had sat in the New Orleans sun, on a 1 foot long cord that was drilled into a piece of concrete. She was out in the sun, with no water and food for her to eat and drink. It looked like she hadn’t ate in weeks, she was so skin and bone. There were feces all over the floor around her. Her condition was so bad, that the deputy had to come in. When animals are treated like this, it is easy why that a person would have to get rid of them. At last, she was nursed back to health, and she is as good as any dog would be. Furthermore, as well as she was treated, she is just a great dog, after all what happened to her. If something like that had happened to me, I would never forgive anyone, unlike she did. In addition, some shelters are not very good, as the no-kill shelters are. For example, according to the text, “Animal Shelters:another chance at life
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