Animal Abuse Effect

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If animals had voices we could hear them shouting for help and agonizing from despair . Some of our day to day routines are one of the main causes that result in injuring many animals either directly or indirectly. Although people might not intend to hurt them, it is done due to lack of knowledge or lack of what called “the truth ” .Animal Cruelty is one of the many uprising problems which result in large amounts of species extinction either by getting shot for entertainment ,practicing hobbies such as fishing or wearing their skin as luxury jackets and shoes or throwing waste from companies ,sailing ships or human waste in water poisoned marine and inhaling chemical polluted air that are not suitable for them according to Marian…show more content…
(Ed). Animal Experimentation, San Diego: Green haven Press Inc., 2000) Some of the tests conducted on rabbits include eye irritancy tests, acute toxicity tests (LD50), and skin irritancy tests. as well as other effects but one of the main effects that sometimes is the spark of the extinction of a whole specie which is the killing of wild animals for it’s fur, as said by (Haugen, David ,2000)meat or just for joy which actually results in a huge decrease in a lot of species because they can 't reproduce new babies for that specie for example the White Lion Specie , it had large amounts of white lion but due to a lot of hunting by people on them, they are now found in south Africa but with a risk of being extinct and the panda as well and that’s because we can 't provide that animal the suitable environment neither it’s food resulting in a huge amount of them to die .All of those problems and effects that resulted from animal cruelty will definitely someday affect us weather in diseases or in decrease of food or pollution of water just like what we did to other
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