Persuasive Essay On Animal Extinction

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People should think twice when it comes to a serious discussion like this one. Extinction is the process where animals or other living things such as plants become rare and disappear. The process of extinction does not happen in a few years. It is a long process that takes a lot of time, hundreds to thousands of years. Lately, biotechnology has found a way to revive these extinct species. These species will be brought back to life and live among us in the present. If scientists have the DNA of the disappeared species, then they can be brought back. The only species that have totally disappeared are the ones that have been extinct for a very long time, such as the dinosaurs. Now what is questioning us is if this operation is really a good idea. Is reviving the dead and extinct animals a good…show more content…
What about the moral acts? Many things have changed since these animals parted, and these changes may cause them torture. Almost no one would want innocent animals to be tortured. Introducing these animals in our life today is not a very good idea. Reviving extinct animals will cause a problem on different levels. According to Brand (2013), bringing vanished creatures back to life will be very costly, very hard, and take a lot of time. Providing a natural environment, setting up reproduction programs for these species, and battling the diffusion of obstructive exotics are some of the steps that come with the de-extinction program (Lee, 2014). Thus, obviously, de-extinction is a costly process that is not even necessary. This issue will only push attention from things that are more important and spend a lot of money. De-extinction is a process that is time consuming. According to Brand (2014), one of the biggest problems of reviving extinct species is how long it takes. He mentions that bringing back passenger pigeons will take decades. Another example he

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