Persuasive Essay On Animal Farm

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Can you imagine being forcefully impregnated and having your child ripped from you hours after birth? Can you imagine being stuck in a dark cage without enough room to turn your body around for your whole life? Can you imagine being forcefully fed so much that you can’t support your grotesque weight on your own two legs? For billions of animals this is a reality which they will have to endure their whole lives because they are living in a factory farms. In the entire world, around two in every three farm animals are captive to this cruel and inhumane industry. That means that only a third of animals are like those happy cows grazing in the field like you see in milk adverts. This number will definitely increase as developing countries try to “modernise” their animal farming approach to maximise profit. Cruelty unfortunately is only one of the many dreadful factors about them. Factory farms are one of the biggest producers of pollutants in the world. They are one of the biggest problems of the 21st century but everyone is happy to turn a blind eye as long as they aren’t judged for stuffing their face with meat and washing it down with milk meant for a baby calf. We need to cut down on our devouring of animal products before it devours Earth. The cruel and disgusting conditions that animals have to face every day shouldn’t be allowed. In a nationwide survey of America 94% of people, a staggering majority agree that animals which are raised to be used as food should be free

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