Persuasive Essay On Homeless Animals Being Homeless

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There are several reasons in which animals die, become homeless, or are neglected. Every winter, news articles are posted to actually remind pet owners to bring their pets inside. However, every winter headlines are made about helpless animals being left on porches or expected to survive blistering temperatures with inadequate outside housing. During any month of the year, there are animals not being fed or even loved and they just spend their days hopelessly wishing someone would come through the door to play with them or give them some sort of attention. One dangerous factor in animal homelessness, is coming into contact with another animal with rabies. From there it is a chain reaction, because then any human that comes into contact with that poor animal is at risk of the virus. In addition, research has been done and at least 10,000 animals are set free…show more content…
There are other factors that people do not consider when deciding to get a pet too. A study that was published in, Open Journal of Animal Sciences, showed that about every 5 years, 6.12 million people were re-homing or giving up their animals. Thankfully, 37% of the re-homed animals were given to a friend or family member. 11% were given to someone not previously known before. That leaves 52% needing somewhere else to go. The study indicated that of that 52%, 1% was set free. So, about 10,000 animals who thought they were loved, are being set free almost every year because their owner cannot afford to take care of them, an issue related to the pet, family situations, and housing issues. Further into the study, it shows that among the respondents, 12% said they could not afford medical care for their pet. Furthermore, there are many animals being re-homed through mutual friends and families, but it cannot be ignored that 10,000 domesticated animals are being set free each year due to the owners’ inability to care for

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