Persuasive Essay On Animal Planet

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Another trip we went on was to New Jersey to see my great cousins. They lived right on a lake. Here, one of my cousins taught me about her special fertilizers. She made it from fish she caught in the lake. I liked her idea. Prior to this, I figured all fertilizers was either made with chemicalized soil or manure. I realized how the fish would work better than the alternatives. She told me that she didn’t want to contaminate the lake. So she used the lake to make her fertilizer. I noticed that, perhaps, to help your plants the most, you do not need to go out and buy fancy chemicals for it. You can use what nature has already provided. Other plants would be happier too. At this point in life, I was sure I wanted to be a vet or an animal control officer. I knew that I loved animals more than anything. This was mainly derived from watching a show called Animal Cops Houston. I wanted to help animals from the abuse they endured at any cost. I just had one major problem. I swear, I’m allergic to every animal with fur. Realizing this made me try to reroute my future, as I knew I could not be a vet due to my severe allergies. I believe the old Animal Planet channel left a lasting impact…show more content…
Conservation provides groups of people working to preserve habitats. People working in these departments educate people on their local ecosystems and how they can help. People need some form of government action to force them to be more thoughtful on how they mindlessly abuse the environment. For instance, I support the clean air and water act. I believe this act was very necessary in keeping freshwater and the breathable air clean. The current events occurring in politics regarding environmental policy fuels me to want to try harder to protect the natural world. I want, even more so, to educate people about how their actions could be more thoughtful and help the world, and future generations immensely in the long
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