Persuasive Essay On Animal Shelter

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The definition of a shelter is a place giving protection from bad weather or danger a place providing food accommodation for the homeless “an animal sanctuary” a shielded condition; protection Why do we even call “shelters” *hand motion* shelters when some kill innocent animals. So how could it be an animal sanctuary? Some animals don’t even get a good chance to find a new family, because there isn’t enough space in the shelter, and they are euthanized. Shelters should be a place that actually cares for animals, while they don’t have a home. It most definitely shouldn’t be a place where animals are killed because there’s not enough space. I will be arguing that kill shelters shouldn’t exist. I will first give you the statistics of how many animals are killed a year. Secondly, I will argue that some animals shouldn’t always be in the situation, In addition, I will argue that there is things people can do so there isn’t pet overpopulation. …show more content…

Of those 7.6 million animals 2.7 animals are euthanized or put down. Some animals are adopted and some are returned to their owners, but I still think that is a lot of animals, capable of being good companions being put down. What I think is a very important fact is, “the cost of spaying or neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year”(aspca.org). On a lot of articles I read that a big problem is pet overpopulation, which is also a BIG reason there are kill shelters, leading to my next

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