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Nowadays, having a pet has become a trend in all countries, and people are in search of pure blooded and rare dogs. As having a pet became more familiar to many families, animal shelter issues tend to be more critical. Many animals are forced to be strays, but each of them have rights to live and pursuit their wellbeing. It is essential for pet owners to be concerned about the importance of having responsibility to take care of their own pets until their pets die. Animal shelters are terribly distressed about the numbers of dogs they have to gas every day. There are many opportunities to choose where to get pets from, and adopting pets should be the first choice for people who want to buy pets.

Not many people are aware that there are too many pets entering animal shelters which is really grievous. There are about 13,600 animal shelters in the United States, and animal shelters are full of 7.6 million pets entering them each year. About 3.9 million of the animals in shelters are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. 35% of the
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There are many associations that take care of dogs that need rehabilitation. As the dogs undergo rehabilitation programs, they start to relax and trust humans. It is true that some traumatized dogs are violent and very nervous at first, but as time passes, they feel comfortable and happy to be with people (Collins). Soon they will be able to be adopted and will be eager to play with their new owner. In Hiroshima, there was a dog who was about to be gassed but was saved by an organization called “Peace Wanko Japan”. The dog was named “Yumenosuke”, and was trained to be a search-and-rescue dog. In 24 august 2014, a big landslide occurred in Hiroshima and Yumenosuke was dispatched to search for people who were missing. He and his companion found a person who was lost. Yumenosuke was about to be killed by humans, but he saved someone’s

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