Persuasive Essay On Animal Shelters

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Visualize cracking open the door to your local animal shelter. At first, you hear the howling of dogs, and maybe hissing from cats. Once you walk in, you notice an array of behaviors exhibited by these animals. Several bounce around joyfully and wag their tails. Others stay nestled in the corner, fearful. Row after row of animals sit in cages. The line may seem endless. Why do so many animals end up in shelters, and how is it affecting the lives of these animals that prevents most of them from being adopted? Overcrowding remains the number one issue in animal shelters worldwide. The most common culprit for this: stray canines, and felines. So many animals roam the streets. These poor creatures stroll around alone, cold, hungry, and petrified.…show more content…
When a family packs everything up to move they must take everything. This include their beloved furry friends. Given the nature of family pets, they can effortlessly run off. Families in the process of relocation may not have the time to look for their pet. Additionally, some residential housing complexes, such as apartments, do not allow animals to dwell in their place. Consequently, families must figure out what to do with their extra family member. However, sometimes their pets may have run off. Not all residential housing facilities, for example, apartments, allows pets to inhabit there. The most common resolution: give the animal a new home. This evidently, means that the animal must go to the…show more content…
Quite frequently, parents reject this. Why do many of them do this? For one, it is a big responsibility. Secondly, buying a pet comes with an immense price tag. Buying a pet is expense enough, but during the first year, costs increased dramatically due to crucial vaccines, and procedures. Because of this high expense, not as many pets get bought from shelters, or even breeders, as they should. Moreover, even after the first year, a pet requires continued expenses by vets, medicine, and food. This becomes especially

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