Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a quick Google image for images of “animal research” must be worth several hundred thousand. There is no denying the horrific and deeply disturbing nature of animal experimentation, no matter the purpose or supposed benefit to humans. Viewing these images generates a very visceral and negative reaction. It is this kind of visceral reaction that makes animal rights such a divisive issue. Images of sentient animals, like primates, rabbits, mice, and birds, has driven opponents to acts of terrorism in the defense of animal rights (Pilkington, 2015).
Animal research can be traced back to the third century BCE, when animals were used by Egyptians to study bodily functions (MacKinnon, 2015). Aristotle conducted animal experiments to learn about physiology of animals. Strong opposition to animal experimentation has existed since the 19th century and continues today. (MacKinnon, 2015). With respect to animal rights, there are three schools of thought. The first is that animals are a different species than humans and consequently have no moral rights at all. The second position is that some animals are sentient beings and therefore have the same moral status as humans. The third position is that some animals have some moral rights based on some level of sentience. Modern scholars are now attempting to move away from classical “All or Nothing” approaches, to a more realistic approach (Li, 2002). This contemporary third approach recognizes
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