Pro Animal Testing Research Paper

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Poliomyelitis, breast cancer, brain injury, childhood leukemia, cystic fibrosis, malaria, multiple sclerosis, and tuberculosis. These conditions have one thing in common; they all have had advancements or cures because of animal testing. Animal testing has dated back several years and used throughout our history. Many famous physician scientists such as Aristotle, Erasistratus, Galen, Ibn Zuhr, and many more have used this method of experimentation to find advancements in medicine. However, as time progresses animal testing has been put under criticism and some question the methods used. Isn’t animal testing however, made for the greater good? The main purpose for testing on animals is so that we can save and benefit millions of lives. Animal…show more content…
According to, “Evaluating a drug for side effects requires a circulatory system to carry the medicine to different organs.” This means in order to find accurate results we would need something that is living, breathing, and has a system which includes organs, blood vessels, lymph, etc. Besides humans, the only other option are animals. It would be unrealistic to not use animals because it would be impossible to advance in medicine without some sort of experimentation. Keeping animals from being tested is one thing but never being able to progress with modern day treatments is an even worse sacrifice. Some have said that using animals is contradicting our claim on finding accurate cures because animals are different than humans which means they will react differently. Although this is true and they are not exact carbon copies of us, they are close enough to receive results from. states, “The reason why mice are frequently used in animal research is that their genetic profile is 98% similar to…show more content… reads, “If vaccines were not tested on animals, millions of animals would have died from rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, infectious hepatitis virus, tetanus, anthrax, and canine parvovirus.” The main debate over testing on animals is that people want the animals’ well being to be taken care of. It is understandable that some will sympathize with them however, if their goal was to keep an animal healthy then the best option would be to let the animal be tested on so that it can be cured. Taking away animal testing will also take away an animal’s last option in surviving. There is an argument that the animals will not be taken care of because they must go through inhumane acts in order to be tested and they would never benefit from testing. Although, this isn’t the case because there are laws that regulate how the animal should be cared for such as the Federal Animal Welfare Act. To add to this, not only do animals have to be treated well because of the laws but also because they would make inaccurate results otherwise. argues, “stressed or crowded animals produce unreliable research results.” This means that the scientists have no choice but to make sure the animals are well taken care
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