Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Over thousands of animals become extinct. The only thing that people do not know is that testing is the reason they are getting extinct. Some people say that animal testing is good and it does not do any harm. Some say we should continue testing on animals to find cures. Testing on animals kill them or torture them to do the testing. In order to test cures they will need to infect the animal with it and it could possibly kill them (PETA). Animals get harmed or killed when tested on. When getting tested on the scientists need to make the animal die or put them in pain just to test. Testing on animals will make them blind, sick, and many more dangerous actions. Animals should not die or be harmed for unnecessary products. They will make more animals die for products that not everyone needs. The research will harm all types of animals that could be endangered. A bunny becomes bond just so we can use mascara. Rabbits also die so we can all use a new shampoo (ProQuest). Statistics show that sixty-one percent of people do support animal testing. Another thirty-three percent of people don’t support and six percent do not know what to believe (Science). Some people say that we should test on animals to see if any products could harm us. Some products can harm us like makeup and we could see what is wrong with it. Some shampoos are harmful to us so we could see what chemicals are harming us (ProQuest). Although those are some good reasons to keep testing on animals they still do
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