Animal Cruelty: The Negative Effects Of Testing On Animals

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Over thousands of animals become extinct. The only thing that people do not know is that testing is the reason they are getting extinct. Some people say that animal testing is good and it does not do any harm. Some say we should continue testing on animals to find cures. Testing on animals kill them or torture them to do the testing. In order to test cures they will need to infect the animal with it and it could possibly kill them (PETA). Animals get harmed or killed when tested on. When getting tested on the scientists need to make the animal die or put them in pain just to test. Testing on animals will make them blind, sick, and many more dangerous actions. Animals should not die or be harmed for unnecessary products. They will make…show more content…
Over hundred million animals die from testing and animals die more from testing than hunting. This also led to the sixth mass extinction in the world. Over seventeen thousand in to a hundred thousand animals are dying and we are the ones causing it. About a hundred million animals die from tests and some scientists run the same test everyday and if the tests are deadly they could be killing animals quicker. About ninety percent of animals are in laboratories living in terrible conditions. Also about another sixty percent of animals die from hunting. Some people believe we need to kill animals to make scientific discoveries. Although some testing doesn’t go out well, there are a couple of scientific discoveries. An example of someone who used animals and succeeded with the experiment was Louis Pasteur. He found out that meat doesn’t decay by itself, but with flies and he used multiple animals to find this out. In the end animals are dying quicker due to these horrific ways and we should stop using animals to test…show more content…
It is also dangerous when they test on animals because they could get hurt and die. Their bodies and DNA are not the same and some experiments to find cures they have to either hurt the animal or kill it. Millions of animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, and other animals are used by scientists because they think that they will be able to find a cure for humans. To research on them, they will need to infect them with the disease and the disease could possibly be deadly. Organizations like PETA were able to find the cure of cancer on mice, but the cure did not work on humans (PETA). Fifty percent of people believe that scientific research is not necessary for animals and the other fifty say it is necessary (ProTest). Some people disagree and say we need to use animals to find cures. It would be good to use animals because even though some cures may not work on animals, it could help save other animals with the disease and it also helped some humans because although not all diseases were able to help some did. In the end, animals should not be used for testing if the testing does not end up working on other humans (PETA). Animals are like diamonds. They are valuable, but not in the good way. Animals should not be used to be tested on because they should not die for unnecessary products, killing animals are going to decrease the population of the animal, and the cure for
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