Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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As scientific production over time got more advanced, animal testing began to increase in the US. Over 26 million animals in the US are utilized for testing. They are utilized to advance our medical treatments and make sure, that the product is safe, before a human uses it. Animal testing is heartless and brutal and should stop. It´s cruel and brutal , drugs which pass the tests on animals don´t have to be safe for humans, however, the most important fact why it should stop, is that animals differ from our human body and as a result, they are bad test subjects and shouldn 't be a victim of cruel experiments, which don 't really help us humans, they have the right to live and not to be torchered while they are alive.

Animal testing is heartless and brutal. During the animals are tested they are actually slaves and cannot do anything about it. Sometimes, they don 't get enough food or water which makes them suffer a lot. A very shocking fact is, that they get burns and other wounds so the scientists can study the healing process. When we go through the mall and buy random stuff, we don 't think/know how the product was tested, which strengthens the industry of animal testing. An example of harsh animal testing is „the Draize eye test“. This test is used in the cosmetics industry so they can estimate displeasure caused by shampoos and other products. This test contains out of rabbits, which are disabled in stocks with their eyelids held open by clips. In order to prevent them
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