Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Throughout our world, millions of people benefit from revolutionary advances in the medical field. Most of these medical contributions are made possible by the use of animal testing. Whether you’ve taken an antibiotic or a had a vaccine, animal testing has always been there to contribute to these revolutionary discoveries. From as early as the second century, scientists have performed dissections and tests on animals in hopes of answering questions relating to human anatomy and pathology. Humans continue to improve this knowledge to further improve medical knowledge and society as we know it. Let’s look at the smallpox vaccine, one of the first modern cures to worldwide epidemics. It changed the course of human history by eradicating the disease that was causing the death of millions. Consequently, this cure would never have been found without animal testing, as well as the many other discoveries that continue to save lives. As the sole protectors of this planet, we must do what we can to improve the lives of others, even if it means bringing harm to animals. Therefore, animal testing is essential to the advancement of medicine until an alternative method is found. When we use animal testing, we can better understand how our bodies react with antibiotics and vaccines. Having a live model with few discrepancies from humans allows scientists to understand how our bodies react with diseases and certain substances in medicines that are in the process of being perfected. It is

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