Persuasive Essay On Animals

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For generations, the staggering health conditions and environmental defects of factory farming have been unacknowledged by the general public. Recently people of all ages are becoming self-aware that their actions involving the animal husbandry branch can have an effect on their health. One may believe that in order for humans to have a balanced nutritional diet, they must consume meat for the protein that plants simply can’t provide. On the contrary, herbs contain the same (if not more) sustenance than flesh, and won’t lead you to disease. Many are convinced that if one were to eat free-range organisms than the animals live a longer, more fulfilled life, this is, in fact, a myth. Cows and pigs are only let outside for a very limited amount of time along with the compact living spaces. As more people are undergoing eye-opening experiences to view the mistreatment of farm animals of all kinds, and overwhelming health benefits of a cruelty free, lifestyle, to the earth 's destruction; the hundreds of reasons why putting abusive manufactured goods behind is becoming more prominent than ever as the community accepts a humane, and kosher lifestyle. The allegations that killing animals on a mass could harm the environment, has been argued for years. Many people don’t realize that whether it be the water usage, climate change, or pollution; anything involving the slaughter and confinement of critters takes a toll on the world. “Raising animals for food requires massive amounts
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