Persuasive Essay On Animals In Captivity

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I think that zoos should not be allowed because they need the freedom to roam around without boundaries of zoo walls. Animals in captivity may live longer but they have the lack of the quality of life, don 't get their natural instincts to hunt, and may not have the right care that they need to be able to live a happy and healthy life.

The animals in captivity may live longer but live an unhappy life due to lack of freedom due to zoo walls and other animals. According to “In the wild, elephants walk up to 30 miles each day, bears are active for up to 18 hours a day exploring their home ranges for up to hundreds of miles, and tigers and lions love running and climbing and will roam many miles to hunt.” This being said animals in captivity don 't live up to how they 're supposed to act and don 't let animals run free for miles and miles and zoos prevent animals from doing this. When an animal is in captivity they lose their ability to hunt for there food. This is because animals in zoos are just given food they don 't have to work for it by having to hunt it down in a hidden place in their enclosure but sometimes that doesn 't work, so of their release into the wild they won 't have a very high chance of surviving very long because there used to just getting food handed to them. According to “ Animals who are given food dont develpe the skills to hunt or they lose them.” This being said animals should nt be used in zoos for there lifes could be in

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