Persuasive Essay On Apple Advertising

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Imagine you’re on the subway. You look around and what do you see? A teenager gazing down at his iPod, few people reading magazines or books, or listening to audiobooks from their iPads and, a business person tapping away on his iPhone. In fact, everywhere you go that’s all you see – the dazzling glow of the polished, crystal-like Apple logo embedded onto the glossy Aluminum case of the device we all buy “cuz it’s an iPhone!”. If you go to Starbucks on a Saturday morning, you’d see a bunch of twenty-somethings glued to their seats sipping a Venti Cappuccino while glaring at their 13-inch retina display screens. Apple devices are the new Nokia’s – except that they are feeble little devices that break when you drop them from the table. But, why is Apple…show more content…
In the MBP 2012 ad that introduced the retina display, the only narration was: “Introducing the new 13-inch MacBook Pro. With a stunning retina display. For the pro, in all of us.” Some Apple ads don’t even have any text or narration. In this case, a noteworthy persuasive element used is the camera angle. If you were to make a trailer for a movie that starred you, would you want a still picture with narration in the background or video clips of you shot from angles that make you look bigger, better, and brawnier? The latter seems better, right? In the Apple Watch commercial, the camera angles make the 38mm Watch look larger and more refined. The emphasis on the sleek, shiny surface of the Watch coupled with the gold hues makes the Watch more desirable to viewers. At the end of every Apple commercial, the striking Apple logo sits at the center of your screen below which, in a sans-serif font, is the word ‘Apple’. The Helvetica Neue typeface has a universal aesthetic appeal because it has the perfect balance of visual weight and texture – two facets out of the many that improve readability and make the text more

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