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both “recovering endangered fish populations in the Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins while continuing to meet regional water and power development needs” (Curtis Bill to Promote Water Certainty). Instead of focusing on commercial production or saving fish population, the act attempted to balance the two goals. Protecting the fish, does not need to result in the loss of economic profits. The bill received bipartisan support, giving hope that more efforts to protect fish from harmful water and energy production techniques. Neither side denies the good intentions of the Endangered Species Act, yet many bills have gone through the house in order to amend the act to better function in its responsibility to protect species. The H.R. 1274…show more content…
Aquaculture may be the answer to sustainable commercial production of fish by no longer overfishing natural habitats, but it also needs to regulated to prevent negative effects. Instead of protecting the natural fish the senate introduced a bill by Tom Tiffany that removed some regulation on the fishing industry. Among the negative aspects of the cause according to an environmental group: the DNR’s ability to give fish and fish eggs to fisheries, the expansion of fisheries, and no accountability of fish farm to protect surrounding aquatic life (Midwest Environmental Advocates). Policies need to be made to regulate where and how these fish farms run. For example, rather than giving control to the fisheries in determining how they use the land, regulations should determine what practice can be used to protect the ecosystems around aquaculture facilities. The facilities should also not cause destruction of any key habitats, such as the mangrove swamps that commonly get destroyed. Aquaculture also results in increased pollution, which sometimes threatens the native wish in the area. To encourage cleaner fish farm production, the government could provide subsidies to companies that pollute less while fining those with high levels of pollution. These types of policies and regulation in conjunction with the Endangered Species Act would promote population stability or group in threatened fish

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