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Every decade our population gets older and a whole new generation of seniors comes along with a new set of attitudes and expectations as to what they want from an assisted living facility. And now that people are living longer, there is a much greater need for these facilities. They can provide a refuge to many family members that may become severely burdened by the arduous task of taking care of a loved one who can no longer take care of themselves. When simple tasks such as bathing and feeding become near impossible to manage alone, not to mention driving to the store and shopping, decisions about placement into a home become paramount. Most important to the family members is the ability of the facility to provide the adequate care that is needed for their loved ones. One of the biggest concerns that can come…show more content…
It is, in most cases, necessary to have sexual abuse and molestation insurance, as well as assault and battery coverage for an assisted living facility. There are many news stories concerning this problem, which only adds fuel to the concerns of family, and magnifies the importance of having the necessary coverage. Researching the various policies available is also important Many companies offer specialty coverage to these types of adult day care centers, assisted living facilities, and other establishments that care for the elderly. Assisted living facility insurance is one of the types of insurance that has many facets to it, and figuring out the right amount required is best left to an agent who understands the needs of a particular business. Here is a list of the general coverages offered by most agencies and it includes other coverages that may not have even been considered: Professional Liability General Liability Employee Benefits Liability Sexual

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