Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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Would you want to live the rest of your life in extreme physical pain? The discussion of Assisted Suicide has sparked controversy around the world for decades. Assisted Suicide is when nurses end a patient’s life when they are suffering greatly from a mental or physical illness. Assisted Suicide has a dark history regarding who they killed and for what reason, and that needs to change with regulations. I believe that Assisted Suicide should remain in practice for those who are in constant physical pain due to chronic illnesses and diseases. Allowing this would also grant families the opportunity for a proper final goodbye with those whom they love. Assisted Suicide would end the everlasting pain for patients with physical illnesses who consent, and don’t want to suffer anymore. Medication can only do so much and living life in pain every single day isn’t worth it to certain people. I don’t support Assisted Suicide when there are mental illnesses involved because they don’t have a real view at how life is, and while they won’t obtain that, they might prefer life…show more content…
Here in Oregon, one takes the lethal dosage whenever they feel that their time has come. Sometimes families don’t have wills planned out by the time these illnesses become unbearable. Assisted Suicide allows a family to make preparation with writing wills and so once the will has been written the person in agony could be laid to rest. Often times with terminal illnesses, families wait for goodbyes until the last minute because they want to spend every moment possible with the loved one, and sometimes that death can come unexpectedly and family members are left without closure for the rest of their lives. If a patient chooses to go through with Assisted Suicide they can then tell the families when they want to go, and everyone could say a final goodbye, and get the proper closure they needed.
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