Persuasive Essay On Asylum Seekers

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The sea is a public area over which no one nation holds jurisdiction under international law as stated in The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. While this law generally protects against the exploitation of the sea by all nations, this tragedy of the commons means that in instances when a boat full of asylum seekers is “lost at sea,” there is generally a very minimal effort made to recover that boat as at the time of the boat’s sinking, the boat was not in the jurisdiction of any one nation. Such a position on the issue means that there are several boats a year that go missing and unreported. Crossings are not always undertaken in large boats capable of transporting hundreds of people, but are also common in smaller boats, which are at greater…show more content…
Asylum seekers flee persecution in their homelands only to encounter equally intense injustice in the hands of the smugglers. However, before the journey to cross the Mediterranean even starts, asylum seekers generally embark on a much longer trip through many countries and over thousands of miles just to arrive at the location of the smugglers. After meeting the smuggler, the asylum seeker pays the fare and then generally are taken to a holding location, where they can be detained for weeks at a time waiting for the next available boat or shift in the weather that will allow them to make the crossing. During this time, with their fare paid, many asylum seekers feel as through they have been tricked. During detainment, asylum seekers are subject to inhuman treatment, threats, and violence until the arrival of the boat. When on the boat, conditions for asylum seekers worsen in the overcrowded and inadequate hull. The trip across the sea, depending upon the point of departure and intended point of arrival, the boat, and the weather, takes 1 to 4 days. During this time, in the open waters of the “un-owned” ocean, boats frequently go missing, primarily because the boats are overloaded and operating well beyond their already substandard

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