The Importance Of Prevention For Autistic People

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What is autism? Autism is a complex developmental disability. People with autism have issues with non-verbal communication, a wide range of social interactions and activities that includes an element of play. The condition is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function, affecting development of the person’s communication and social interaction skills. (What is Autism?, 2008) Autism must be understood in order to protect autistic people from being harmed and to avoid conflicts. There are three things that people should know when it comes to understanding autism such as knowledge about autism, the symptoms of autism and ways to help autistic people.

Not everyone has the adequate knowledge about autism.
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There are several ways of help and treat autistic people. Prevention is better than cure. According to Jan Sheehan from Parents Magazine, scientific link between vaccines and autism have never been known. There has been widespread controversy about a possible vaccine or cure for autism, but repeated studies have failed to find scientific evidence. Thus, up until today, there are no known cure or vaccine for autism. It cannot be cured so it must at least be treated. Therefore, autistic people need support from others. Early treatment is crucial in shaping a life of an autistic person. (Jan. S., 2012) As soon as a person is diagnosed with autism, that person must undergo intensive therapy that will help them learn a wide range of skills from making eye contact to hugging to having a conversation. The sooner they begin, the better. Furthermore, Autism cannot live by themselves. People around them must be responsible and help them in their day to day life. There are ways to help and treat them. If some of a person’s acquaintances are autistic, he/she should take them to experts to help them. Moreover, for parents that have a child with autism, home treatment could be done. (Autism – Home Treatment, 2013) Parents must educate themselves about autism and work closely with others who care for their child. Meet doctors when your child shows symptoms of autism for advice and consultations. (Parker. S., Zuckerman.…show more content…
Besides that, every part of society must be concerned regarding this issue. They should do a rally to raise awareness about autism. Last but not least, for parents who have autistic children, they must be patient, accept them with an open heart and help them with all of their hearts in whatever ways they deem necessary. When everyone understands autism, the world will become a better place not just for people living with autism, but also for every other person living around them. Knowledge about autism, the symptoms of autism, and ways to help autistic people are therefore the fundamentals of understanding

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