Persuasive Essay On Autonomous Vehicles

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Autonomous Vehicles Imagine a world where people can feel safer on roadways, where cars can’t pollute the environment, where higher paying jobs are available, where cars and trucks drive themselves. No need to imagine. With autonomous vehicles, this world could become reality. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles that are able to drive without a human behind the wheel. Some may not know it yet, but autonomous vehicles are making their way to U.S. cities and could soon take over. These vehicles should be allowed because they’re convenient, eliminate human error, aid the U.S. economy, and reduce pollution. In cities like New York or Chicago, there is a great deal of traffic almost all the time. Why is that? It’s because everyone is in their own cars trying to get to the same places at the same time. Autonomous cars would reduce traffic problems and provide more of a reason to ride-share for citizens in urban areas. “Car-sharing, which would be a…show more content…
The average individual car insurance cost is 1,500 dollars per year and even more for family plans (Adams). These costs can be a burden on those in their 20’s, considering that they pay 60 percent more than their 60 year-old counterparts (Adams). People will save thousands of dollars a year on car insurance because they simply won’t need to drive themselves anywhere. Since autonomous cars take the wheel out of the hands of the driver, passengers are not liable. The company that manufactures the car is liable for the vehicles they manufacture since their software is driving the car (unless of course the passenger intentionally sabotages the vehicle). Insurance companies can make a faster and more accurate claim because the cameras installed in the autonomous cars can get proof of how an accident occurred. Insurance companies and car companies that make autonomous vehicles can collaborate to make claims as accurate as possible. This partnership could lead to new
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