Persuasive Essay On Bad Body Image

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Have you ever look in the mirror and wondered, why am I so ugly compared to this girl on Instagram? Or wonder why your body doesn’t look like one of the Victoria Secret Models? If you have, you are comparing yourself and your body to someone else. Who either had surgery on themselves or has an eating disorder. While giving yourself negative comments. Nobody is perfect, they might be in photographs but it's all photoshopped it's not reality. Either way, everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes.
Every girl and boy, these days are worrying about their body image. They are comparing themselves to other people on social media, magazines, advertisements, television programs, and even in music videos. Which can end up leading to serious health issues when teenagers are wanting to be thin and skinny like celebrities or models. Who have undergone eating disorders or under the knife. Finding ads who don’t represent
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By wanting to be someone else when you are not. Some people hate their body so much it can lead teens into over dieting and obsession with exercising. They could also abuse laxatives, use drugs, or induce vomiting. All of this can cause a lot of damage to the body causing them to become anorexic or bulimic. Causing them to mess up their digestive system or others parts of their bodies. Causing a likely chance of getting cancer or other diseases. Just to look like other people.
Teenagers are the ones who are most likely to get caught up with the negative body image. When seeing other teens the same age on social media who don't look like them. Their bodies are thinner and are more “ prettier than them.” They think why don’t I look like that. Some teenager who go through puberty, you get acne and their bodies being to chance. Everyone goes through it some get it easy and some not so much hard. Going through that stage can sometimes be hard because people start to notice more and point out your

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