Essay On Red Lights

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Everyone has been a witness to an individual driving horrendously; whether its running a stop sign or cutting someone off. The worst issues seen today from terrible drivers are running red lights/stop signs, texting and driving, and not understanding how to merge into other lanes. People are getting injured and killed by bad drivers because of accidents they cause. Awful drivers are obviously the only ones in the world. They cause bad traffic build up which makes traffic never end. To solve these problems, whenever a driver tries to do any of these situations they will simply get their right foot cut off. By cutting off the individual’s right foot they will no longer be capable of driving. When a driver first commits one of these acts…show more content…
They say receiving an emergency message from a friend or family member is a valid excuse for texting and driving, because well you know Becky has to text Ashley back about this super cute boy in her 3rd period. It’s so important! They also argue that it is perfectly fine that if a driver rushes through a red light/stop sign as fast as a bullet train if the driver must be at a very important place quickly. That train stops for nothing. If a person is in their tracks, it’s completely okay to hit them because they have a place to be. Lastly, they argue that driver’s tests do not teach you how to merge. When Jessica got a ticket for reckless driving, because she merged incorrectly, she was confused. She was expecting to be excused from the ticket since she was not tested on the driver’s test for merging. But texting while driving is never okay because nothing is that important, and nothing is that urgent that rushing through a red light/stop sign is necessary because it may cause a really horrific accident with lives lost. Also, driver’s tests are an important instrument in ensuring a population of educated drivers to prevent people like Becky and Jessica from affecting traffic. Therefore, the more driver’s tests a person takes the better the driver will
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