Persuasive Essay On Bad Parents

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When adults decide to have children, they are making a commitment to raise that child as best as they possibly can. Parents are expected to love, cherish, and encourage their children. The saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, is not just strange compliment adults pay another. Parents form their children into the adults they will become. Developing a list for what constitutes a good parent doesn’t fare too difficult for most; humans tend to know exactly what they want from someone. But what attributes characterize a bad parent? I have babysat a certain family for close to two years now. Each time the mother hires me to come, the baby greets me at the door, screaming with excitement. Kids tend to get excitable easily, but with…show more content…
A defining characteristic of a bad parent is their lack or excess of discipline. When children lack discipline, they become entitled, ill-mannered, and disrespectful. Establishing authority in the household is the foundation for other authority figures children encounter as they age. Many behavioral issues teachers face are a direct result from poor parenting. Why would you respect any adult if you are not made to respect the ones that raise you? On the other end of the spectrum, however, is the overabundance of discipline. When people think about bad parenting, their thoughts typically shift to abuse. Although bad parenting can exist in much milder forms, abuse is the ultimate form of terrible parenting. Reporting of child abuse occur every ten seconds ( Children who deal with abuse can develop a series of problems as they age. Parental abuse can lead children to future domestic abuse, alcoholism, depression, unintended pregnancies, liver disease and more Bad parenting, although a vicious cycle, can be resolved. It takes forming healthy habits independently, seeking for more, and acting with purpose. If you aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of child care, don’t force

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