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As of late, the state government of Wyoming has begun to consider passing a bag tax, which charges twenty five cents per plastic bag used in stores. The reaction to the bag tax being considered has caused a very clear division of our citizens. No matter the side one has taken, there is always time to listen to the facts of the matter. If our state government were to pass this tax on plastic bags, our way of life would be considerably better. While there are some immensely justifiable fears about this pricy tax, the benefits are long-lasting and a reward to our future generations. Some reasons it 's beneficial to society is that it 's environmentally friendly and safe, the tax money can be put to good use, and that cloth bags last much…show more content…
Another reason that this tax can help our state is through the money the state would be receiving because of the tax. Currently in Wyoming, school systems and many other programs are suffering from lack of funding and budget cuts. If we were to put the tax money to good use, we could change the way our state works and how much money we have. Even with all the benefits of this tax, there are those who criticize the entire notion of a bag tax. They say that it penalizes those who cannot afford the bags or cloth bags. The average reusable grocery bag sells anywhere from one dollar to five dollars and lasts years. If one went to the store and needed five bags every time, the would spend a dollar and twenty five cents every time they went. If they go once a week to the store, they would be spending sixty five dollars a year on just plastic bags. Instead of that, why not just spend around ten dollars to buy five reusable bags and save money every year? To conclude, the bag tax can seem like a lot to deal with at first, and that there are endless reasons as to why it 's a horrible decision. However, if one were to look at the longer lasting effects it could have on this world, the tax becomes less of a hassle and more of a way to repair the devastation that humanity has conducted on

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