Persuasive Essay On Banning Alcohol Advertising

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Afraid of the possible severe effects of drinking, my friend’s father, a doctor, is capable of staying abstinent even during parties. But today, he clenched a dark brown, beer bottle in his hand exactly like everyone else crowding the hotel lobby watching the final World Cup Soccer Match. Both parents and students vowed to refrain from drinking alcohol to represent our violin ensemble well. But after being immersed in the German world, a country teeming with alcohol advertisements, many opted to drink. Although the majority of my friends felt uncomfortable drinking, many of them may soon become heavy drinkers because America’s limited alcohol advertising restrictions are failing and more people are drinking (Nelson). Is this who we want to be, an alcoholic country? Since 1961, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been recording the Czech Republic and Russia’s average consumption of alcohol per capita for those ages fifteen and up annually until 2010. Both charts portrayed the first decade of the 21st century as the worst time period, with alcohol consumption levels skyrocketing to more than fifteen liters per capita. Theories hypothesize that the growing popularity of media during this decade increased the prevalence of alcohol advertising and thus contributed in rising alcohol consumption in the two countries (WHO). Although both countries may have very similar statistics, the strict measures one country took to debilitate promotions significantly decreased their

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