Persuasive Essay On Banning Soda And Candy

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Benchmark B: Why Ban Soda and Candy

I think that schools should not ban soda and candy because kids need a little sugar in them to get them through the day. In an article that I read by J. Justin Wilson, he said that kids should get to have soda and candy why because he thinks that it undermines students ability on learning and sometimes concentrating. Also sometimes it help kids concentrate during class and on test and maybe they stay after school to study and they need and energy boots in them. Students should be allowed to eat/drink anything they want that follows school's rules.
Reason one people tend to ban sonda and drinks because they say that that's how people gain weight and how people can be obese and they tend to blame the junk food. But what others don't realize is that they may be that person can carry what they call “obesity genes’ meaning that other people in their family can be on the thicker side. So they just blame it on junk food because they don't want do some research on that person and that is not the right
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People that are on a diet can eat “healthy foods” but they still contain calories. I don't think they is a healthy food it just depends on the person and how they like to eat and what they are comfortable eating. But I do think the people should once in awhile try drink soda and try some candy.
In Conclusion I don't think schools should ban candy and soda because it doesn't harm people. The school should focus more on getting called on health or maybe cooking classes where they teach the student to cook a healthier meal to try at home, or maybe offering some gym classes where the students can go be active but still have fun while being active. Lastly, I think banning soda and candy is kinds stupid because their is no point because students would most like sneak it into
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