Persuasive Essay On Barefoot Horses

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When owning a horse, there are two main options for hoof care. Horses can go barefoot and have their natural hooves exposed to the elements or can be shod and protect their natural hooves. Horses should be shod because it allows their owners to worry less about their comfort and health and can be very beneficial regarding convenience for riders. In many cases it is easier for the owners and more comfortable for a horse to be shod.
There are quite a few health benefits that can come from shoeing horses. Comfort is a very important factor in a horse’s life. Many people begin training their horses before their hooves can fully develop and strengthen. By shoeing the horses, their feet can continue to grow with minimal wear and tear. If their feet
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It also shows how the level of convenience is lessened due to a horse being barefoot. Due to breeding, many horses do not have good conformation, so this also makes this a less feasible option for horse owners.
There are cons of shoeing horses, but it is up to the owner to weigh the good and bad factors. Some people think that the nails used in shoeing can be toxic to the horse, although there is not much research completed on this theory. “According to the staff at EquiMed “Most hoofs become degenerated to some degree from wearing shoes that are nailed on and the soles often become thin, so the horse's feet need some time to heal and adjust and grow a strong protective sole callous.” (Pros and Cons: Are Horse Shoes Necessary for Hoof Health?) Time and the
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I don't find out this paragraph is about convenience until the very end. You need to add something at the beginning here to show that this paragraph follows your thesis

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