Persuasive Essay On Barrel Racing

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So you think barrel racing is easy right? It may seem that way to some. I guess it may seem that way to some. I guess it may be if for twenty seconds you can muster an insane amount of courage. Barrel racing is a fast paced sport full of danger. It also requires a huge amount of dedication, patience, and courage. If you aren’t convinced I hope you soon will be as I share what it takes to make it in the arena. Is it possible to earn a living or make a respectable amount of money while pursuing barrel racing and how dangerous is it really? Exactly what does it take to be the best and get around those barrels better than anyone else. Well let’s find out. Barrel racing isn’t technically an occupation. The WPRA ( Women’s Professional Rodeo Association) states that prize money can be based on a single run or an average of many. Prize money can vary and depends largely on where you are in the standings. So…show more content…
Barrel racing ranks up there as one of the most dangerous sports. Riders For Helmets shares “ that each year in the United States on estimated seven million people ride horses.” There is lots of major risks with this. The rate of serious injury per hour is estimated to be the same as that of motorcyclists. “ In 2007 seventy eight thousand two hundred seventy nine people visited the emergency room due to horse related injuries. So far I have had none but that’s a staggering number. So what exactly does it take to be this brave, what is the science of barrel racing. The National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) competition rules tells us what you have to do. There are thirty feet between barrel one and two and fifteen feet off of each fence line, then ninety feet from barrel three to home. Each barrel that is touched results in a five second time addition. It’s more than just jumping on a horse and moving in circles. It takes teamwork, the right horse and massive skill to be successful at the

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