Persuasive Essay On Beauty Image

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Beauty is always an admirable trait among the society. Throughout history, people across cultures have develop their own unique ways to appear beautiful. The awareness to look appealing in order to look attractive for the opposite sex they seek was naturally inherited and taught since childhood. This view eventually has become a legacy and accepted by majority. Unfortunately, recent studies discover that there are many people, dominated by women, desperately use shortcuts to look more physically attractive. The dangerous and unhealthy resort that these women are willing to use is very concerning and controversial. This essay will argue that falsely image of beauty shown in media and peer pressure provoked by cultural phenomena such as ‘selfies’ might be a strong reason causing women to undergo extreme dieting and cosmetic surgery.
Fashion modelling industry recently criticize to be a problematic cultural institution due to excessively use thin underweight models in advertisement and fashion show. The tragic death of two Latin American model in 2006 cause by anorexia nervosa has effectively drew international attention and roar of protest against the ‘zero’ culture (The New York Times, 2006). Immediately, Dove through their beauty campaign responded by posting short video to promote the awareness of unrealistic perception of beauty. Despite the video successfully receive numerous awards and commercially shown, the trend is continue increasing. Shedding off fat by extreme diet
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