Persuasive Essay On Beauty

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I shut my eyes. But my ears hurt. I locked myself in my room yet their shadows hunted me. “Monster! Monster! The Queen of hideous creature rules the school!” Everybody dreams to be as skinny as Asian Next Top Model’s contestants, as flawless as Korean celebrity and as perfect as Beyonce’s curves. But in reality, we are born with different shapes and looks which become the sole problem to our dissatisfaction. Society has always valued beauty. As children we are taught, without even realizing it, to prize beauty. Who defined beauty? Who says that in order to become pretty, you have to be skinny, tall, and fair skinned? Our society are willing to do anything to become beautiful as they define it. They are even willing to pay the price for someone…show more content…
Young people are learning that they should aim to be beautiful instead of intelligent. It 's even a common practice for parents to reward high school graduates with nose jobs, breast -implants, or liposuction. People have always wanted to look like society 's ideal. The ideal -appearance in society is always based on the appearance of the dominant group. In addition, privileged individual may have the glorious opportunity to undergo plastic surgery. They have the chance to change everything including their gender provided if their country allowed this critical procedure. As a matter of fact, Korean endures plastic surgery to achieve an idealized look more than other nation in the world. Indeed, their obsession towards beauty and plastic surgery is inseparable. They are willing to spend tons of money to get their nose repaired and boobs puffed-up. Surprisingly, they are ready to suffer the pain regardless of any other health factors. In conclusion, beauty is the core of plastic surgery. Happiness can be achieved, but not through surgery. People need to embrace their differences instead of trying to erase them. Only when we are at peace with ourselves will we be truly radiant. Don’t let other people pressure you into looking a certain way, as it you who have to live with the changes to your body,
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