Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Foster Parent

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Helping someone find a good home for foster children might be a difficult task to do, but it's not impossible. The work it takes could be long and extensive, but with the help of a good social worker, will always get done. Every year millions of children get placed in foster care, social workers are often overwhelmed trying to find adequate foster parents. Although some foster parents are caring for these children for the wrong reasons; there are still some good foster parents that are caring for the child, to benefit the child.
In order to become a foster parent one has to become certified as well as the home needs to qualify or meet the standards for the safety of the children. Children that range from ages newborn - eighteen, who have been removed from their birth parents or any other custodial adults by the
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Some reasons one might get placed in foster care could be because of drugs, abuse, neglect or even the child’s rebellion. Shandra simply stated, “I was put in foster care because of my parents being on drugs.” Foster care is full of restrictions such as: no phones, no company until you’ve been granted permission, always having to ask “can I go here, can i go there.” Some people will throw it in your face that you’re in foster care just to make you feel bad about yourself. “Some rules and regulations you have to follow are you have to tell them 100% of everything, like being completely open about everything. You’re treated like a(n) young adolescent and therapy is a must.” Therapy for a foster child is not fun, all past issues are brought up and have to be talked about. “So it’s like a flashback of your past. The therapist never want to give the subject up, they continue on with it forever and ever it seems. The therapist always brings what may seem like a new subject, but really is a reworded question from the

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